Nakto Classic

Nakto Classic

Nakto Classic eBike features (Newport Beach, CA)

Motor: Rear Hub 36V 250W

Battery: 36v 10Ah Lithium Battery

Range: 18-20 Miles 

Charging Time: 4-6 Hours

Battery Life: Up to 1000 Cycles

Brake: Front and rear disc brake 

Tire: 26"*1.75

Lights: Front LED light, rear reflective light

Rider Heights: 5'4" - 6'2"

Functions: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle

Cecil's Cyclery Review: Nakto Classic

In a nutshell, The Nakto Classic electric bike is the most affordable bike on the market for how reliable, safe, and fast it is. So, if you’re looking for a bike that is an overall classic for a great price and a great ride, keep reading for more! 

The affordability of this bike is so appealing because most bikes tend to fall in the $3,000-$5,000 range, which is expensive for most people. In comparison to the aforementioned range, the Nakto is competitively priced under $1000, making it the perfect option for somebody looking to get started on their e-bike journey without paying the price of the professionals. Along with the stunning price, the Nakto comes with a ton of features for an entry level bike, such as a rear rack, front basket and platform rack, fenders, a front headlight, throttle, pedal assist, and comfort touch points - so let’s get into the details of such features!

To start off, the Nakto Classic comes with a front basket with an expendable plastic net cover with a clasp to keep it secure, but it definitely is not made for any heavy lifting. However, if you’re looking to carry medium weight, such as a camera or battery, the basket will suffice. Furthermore, the basket is removable, making room to use the front platform. Our worry here is that perhaps the basket may lose its strength with age due to its plastic make up in certain elements and weather conditions; if this is an important feature to you, we recommend keeping it inside when not in use! BTW, we have a great blog and video on how to build the Nakto Classic - Click here to see the video.

In the rear of the bike, you get a rack with a large platform with pannier hangers. The rack is especially ideal because it is a bolt on frame rack, making it easy to detach at any time. The bike also includes steel fenders in both the front and rear and not only do those fenders keep you dry and debris free, they are also color matched to the paint of the bike, adding a nice little stylish touch! Adding to the style factor, the bike is complete with swept back handlebars for a really laid back feeling so that you can cruise comfortably and in style.

Now that we know the Nakto has style, let’s talk safety. The bike is equipped with battery integrated headlights, making them reliable safety features for night riding, a feature that is not always included in ebikes. Additionally, up in the controls, there is a button for an electric horn that will sound off loudly, making it great for gathering the attention of potential obstacles in a way that is more effective than the typical bell. Staying in the control area, the digital display allows you to control your speed, see how fast you are going, and how many miles you have left in your battery charge. The downside of the digital display is that the display and controls are very minimal as the display only tells you the battery level via 6 LED ticks and has joined just two buttons for horn and lights. Now, this is not necessarily a downside for every one; if you are somebody who appreciates simplicity and minimalism, then this display shouldn't bother you in the long run, but if you are somebody looking for more advanced displays such as a more accurate battery percentage readout, speedometer, odometer, trip, or anything of any resemblance, this may be a deal breaker for you. 

And how does it ride? The actual comfort of the bike comes through the saddle, which is complimented by rubber bumpers underneath for absorption, making it perfect for long cruising rides. For bonus points, the saddle has stitched grips, ergonomic, and faux leather -- winning in comfort points!  Take a look at some suggestions for electric bike accessories here - Accessory Ideas. And if you are looking for something a bit more advanced, maybe try one of our other bikes - there's always a bike perfect for you at Cecil's Cyclery.

The Nakto Classic has both throttle and pedal assist, giving you the option to pedal or not pedal. So, whether  you’re looking for a simple cruise or a more intermediate ride, the Nakto has you covered! Personally, our employees at Cecil’s love to use the throttle to get up to speed then pedal at the higher speeds for fun. The bike has a speed of 17mph and a pedal assist range of 19-22 mph, which makes it one of the slower bikes on the market. Essentially, the bike has a vintage style and a modern power - the motor is 250 watts with a long lasting 36 volt 10 ah removable battery. It is important to note that a 250 watt hub motor is small and basic, which to advanced/intermediate ebikers, may seem a bit slow, but it doesn’t stop the bike from getting up steep hills (just don’t expect it to get you there quickly). Additionally, the charge is reliable and easy to access. 

Lastly, we recommend riding the Classic bike in smooth areas since the lack of suspension and efficient road tread of the tires makes it great for stable terrains. To counter that, it is important that we disclose that the bike does tend to rattle and jar a little bit when on uneven or bumpy ground.

Overall if you are looking for an affordable bike that you can use casually around town, this bike is perfect. And if you are looking for something a bit more advanced, maybe try one of our other bikes - there’s always a bike perfect for you at Cecil’s Cyclery. 

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