Electric Bikes to Rent

Small Rider

Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100


Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100

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Thin Tire

Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100

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Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100

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Super 73

Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100

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Mountain Bike

Hourly Rate $25
Daily Rate $100

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Rental Prices

Flexible hours to fit your adventure.

1 Hour Rental: $25
2 Hour Rental: $50
All Day Rental: $100
Overnight Rental: $125
One Week Rental: $250

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Included With Every Bike Rental:

Bike Lock
Maps and Directions
Front Basket

About Our Bikes

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tires

Fat Tire Bikes are amazing for cruising along the sand and all different types of terrain.

Cecil's Rentals Super 73 Bike

Super 73

Always a fast and sleek ride with a Super 73, super stylish and great for smaller riders.

Cecil's Rentals Driven Bikes

Driven Bikes

Long lasting and reliable bikes, giving riders an effortless and comfortable experience.

Cecil's Rentals Balboa Bikes

Balboa Bikes

Native to SoCal, the Balboa Bike is the best cruiser on the streets right now, and suitable for all sizes

Cecil's Rentals Nakto Bikes

Nakto Bikes

Simple and stylish bikes that are perfect for riding around town, and on the market for under $1000

Cecil's Rentals Vtuvia Mountain Bike

Vtuvia Mountain Bike

A dependable companion in all things adventure - built for high intensity riding across a plethora of terrains

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