Best Accessories for your Electric Bike

Best Accessories for your Electric Bike

These days, e-bikes allow for plenty of customization, giving riders the opportunity to make their e-bike truly their own. As a result, there is no better way than accessories to tailor one’s riding experience to their own riding style. Cecil’s carries a wide range of accessories, but here are five we feel can take your e-bike experience to the next level.

The Kryptonite Kryptolok 912 is a great lock for your e-bike. This would be perfect for students who ride their e-bikes around their college and need it secured while in class. The lock is built with a 4-sided 3T manganese steel chain, which provides great protection against bolt cutters and other theft devices. The Kryptolok is not big and clunky like a standard U-lock, and instead has a lightweight and foldable design. This means users can easily stow it in a backpack or wrap it around their handlebars while not in use. Finally, your bike is secured with a 5-digit code, which can be set to numerous combinations. Thus, no one has to worry about keeping track of tiny keys that are known to easily get lost. You can keep your e-bike secure by picking up a Kryptolok 912 by Kryptonite over here

For many, the standard seats that come with e-bikes are too uncomfortable. After riding for a bit of time, it gets too tiring. Cloud 9 has a solution with their Cruiser Saddle, a seat built for those wanting a more smoother, comfortable ride. Its multi-layer memory foam design provides that extra cushion that many need when they cruise for long periods of time. The Cruiser Saddle is better than many other seats on hot days as well, due to a built in air vent which allows for smooth airflow through the seat and between a rider’s legs on a hot day. If you are someone looking for a smoother ride, you can get your Cloud 9 Cruiser Saddle here.

One of the things e-bikes must deliver on is practicality. Whether you need to carry your sunblock to the beach, a bluetooth speaker for a more enjoyable ride, or both, Sunlite’s Wooden Classic Basket has you covered. Its spacious design makes it easy to carry multiple things for your planned activities, and its adjustable leather straps will keep them safe and sturdy on a variety of bikes. Finally, baskets woven wood style gives it an old-fashioned look that adds to the aesthetic of beach cruiser e-bikes. For those who need to carry some extra cargo, you can find your solution here.

There’s a big overlap between the surfing crowd and e-bike crowd, as many surfers ride their e-bikes to their surfing destinations. However, it raises the question about the best way to transport their surfboard. Luckily, Moved by Bikes has the Shortboard Surf Rack, which is perfect for stowing your board. Its simple installation consists of only a small four-bolt clamp which can easily fit onto Cecil’s fat tire bike. It is easily adjustable, making it great for riders of all heights. And when you are finished surfing, you do not need to worry about the wet board rusting the rack since it is entirely made of stainless steel. If you are one of the many e-bike owners who also surfs, consider snagging your Shortboard Surf Rack here.

For the hot summer days (which seems to be most of the year if you live in Southern California), you are going to want something to sip on while riding. Your basic water bottle cage might allow you to bring your bottle, but it will not keep it cold. That’s where the Kroozie Cup 2.0 comes in. The stainless steel build will prevent your drink from causing the gadget to rust, while a built in drain hole will keep the inside dry. If you do not have a water bottle, you are not out of luck, as the 2.0 will also hold everything from keys to speakers to tumblers. It is built to be mounted on handlebars, but if they are already being used by another accessory, the included adapter will allow it to be mounted to pretty much any part of your bike. For people who live outside of Southern California (or just any place that actually gets cooler outside of the summer), a removable foam insert can keep the drink both hot or cold. For the people who like to bring something to sip on during their rides, the Kroozie Cup 2.0 is available here for you.

So if you are someone who is interested in taking an already great e-bike and customizing it just for yourself, then it is time to pick up some accessories to throw on your bike.

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