Nakto Elegance Mini E-Bike Review

Nakto Elegance Mini E-Bike Review

Like it states in the bike’s name, the Nakto Elegance Mini is indeed mini, but great things come in small packages! Because of its smaller frame size, the Elegance is best suited for smaller/younger men and women. And with the small frame, this Nakto e-bike also comes with a small price tag, making it one of the most affordable, yet capable, electric bikes on the market!

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the bike is how easy and comfortable it is to use. The Elegance comes equipped with throttle, pedal assist, and a single-speed gear. Though the bike only has one gear and one pedal assist with a range from 15-20mph, removing the need or existence for a speedometer or digital screen, the bike can still get you where you need comfortably. Whether you want to only use the throttle or would like to use pedal-assist to get a little workout, its completely up to you! Additionally, the bike’s seat is praised for its super comfortable seat, making the ride more enjoyable. Furthermore, the saddle height is adjustable making it suitable for different heights, body types, and preferences! 

Now that you understand the comfortability of the bike, let’s talk about the movability of the bike. The Nakto Elegance has single wall rims of 22 inches and tires that measure 26 by 1.75, which makes this bike atypical for off-roading. Essentially, this bike is made for low impact activity cruising around the neighborhood or somewhere within close proximity to your starting point due to its lightweight structure. However, it zooms in with pedal assist quite nicely to help with the hills in certain neighborhoods. 

Outside of those two main points, the bike bears more basic features that will guarantee a truly wonderful ebike experience. The qualities include HD LED headlights, a horn, gear shifts, V brakes, a front fork with great comfort aspects, brake motor safety cut off, locking kickstand, and dutch style handlebars. 

So, with that being said, we can all conclude that the Nakto Elegance isn’t a high level bike in regard to its features and ride. However, not everyone is looking for an extreme ride, some people may just want cruise around, and that person may just be you, and in that case, the Elegance Mini is your bike! 

Come into the store or contact us so we can walk you through finding the best bike for YOU! 

Nakto Elegance E-Bike Specs

  • Motor: Rear Hub 36V 250W

  • Battery: 36v 10Ah Lithium Battery

  • Range: 18-20 Miles 

  • Charging Time:  4-6 Hours

  • Battery Life: Up to 1000 Cycles

  • Brake: Front V brake ,rear expansion brake

  • Tire: 22"*1.75

  • Lights: Front LED light, rear reflective light

  • Rider Heights:  5'1" - 6'2"

  • Functions: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle


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