Nakto Camel The Electric Bike on a Budget

Nakto Camel The Electric Bike on a Budget

Nakto Camel The Electric Bike on a Budget - Cecil's Cyclery

Motor: Rear Hub 36V

Battery: 36V 10Ah Lithium Battery

Range: 18-20 Miles

Charging Time: 4-6 Hours

Battery Life: Up to 1000 Cycles

Brake: Front V brake, Rear expansion brake

Tire: 26”

Lights: Front LED light, rear reflector

 Rider Heights: 5’4-6’2

Functions: Pedal Assist, On Demand Throttle

Cecil's Cyclery Review: Nakto Camel Electric Bike is for Women & Men

If you’ve been itching for an electric bike but you’re on a budget, then the 26” Nakto Camel electric bike is the bike for you. Though it may not check off all the boxes of a full sized cargo bike, it does meet the same needs in a less utility like scale, as it comes equipped with a front basket and rear rack, plus headlights and fenders, as well as suspension, throttle, pedal assist, and even a Shimano drivetrain.

And it’s best we first acknowledge that though the Nakto Camel is advertised as a woman’s bike, it is in no way, shape, or form, restricted to just women’s use. In our opinion, as well as many others who have purchased the bike, the bike is truly unisex. So let’s get to the good stuff...and a little bit of the not so good stuff - we promise an unbiased review of this bike as we value our Newport Community so much we know that’s what you deserve! 


What Do I Get Out of the Bike?

In a nutshell, the Camel is a step through cruiser with dutch style handlebars, making it a standard city or commuter bike, as well as a basic front suspension fork and comfort saddle that allows it feel more comfortable on light trails and off-roading. Furthermore, there is some vibration dampening with the steel fork and steel stem, that adds to the ease of the ride. 

As mentioned before, there is a lot of utility to the Camel, such as the rear rack and front basket. The rack is frame mounted with a height adjustment and utilizing smaller tubing, lending it the ability to fit a lot of different sized panniers. As for the front basket, there are pros and cons, perhaps making it the most complained about aspect of the bike, which is honestly, not that serious of a problem to have. 

The front basket is bolted above and below the head tube so it doesn’t sway side to side during turning motions, which is great for valuable items and a worriless ride. However, the downside of the basket is that it is made of plastic, which some do not like the appearance of and some doubt the strength of. Therefore, we can conclude that the basket isn’t really made for carrying a ton of weight around, but we do know that it is strong enough to carry the Camel’s battery charger within it. 

But, speaking of the battery charger, the battery of the Nakto Camel falls minorly short. An online review noted that perhaps the biggest complaint about the bike is that the battery is easily overworked when doing hefty uphill climbs, as he explained that his battery blew out a fuse during this route. Though he was glad the battery is fuse protected, he wished the fuses were higher quality. 

But back to the brighter side, other features include an electric horn, perfect for riding in loud and buzzing areas, a full chain guide, battery integrated headlight, and a kickstand mounted in the rear, a great alternative to the oh so frustrating pedal lock when reversing. Lastly, the bike is only powered by a key, which makes it less likely to be stolen, if that is a concern of yours. However, on the flip side, for those who are keen to losing their keys or forgetting them in their vehicle, this may be an added stressor. All depends on preference. 

Overall, the main disappointment is the basket and modest battery size.. Other than that, the seat can be trusted for comfortability, the headlights work wonderfully, the brakes are simple but effective, the rear rack is a great addition, and it includes fenders which is surprising given the low price the bike goes for. 


How Does it Ride?

Though it’s labelled as a 250W, the Nakto Camel rides more like a 350W electric bike. We could place a bet that Nakto actually built the bike somewhere in the 350-ish Watt territory. 

For the price, as you may infer yourself, the bike performs best on flat ground, a guaranteed smooth ride. On the other hand, the acceleration and speed does drop in accordance with the steepness of a climb when riding up hills. However, the bike comes equipped with a Shimano 6-speed drivetrain that helps add a good amount of pedaling power on uphill climbs. 

On a similar note, the Nakto just simply isn’t meant for intense purposes. As previously noted, the bike rides beautifully on flat ground and though it is an acceptable bike for dirt riding, it’s not an off-roading bike, so best to stick to smooth dirt trails and grassy lawns. 

On the downside, the camel bike doesn’t come with multiple pedal-assist levels; you either have pedal-assist or you don’t. But considering the low price of the Nakto, it’s not completely unexpected and works just fine given the other amazing qualities.


Nakto Electric Bike On Budget in Newport Beach

All in all, the Nakto camel electric bike is excellent for cyclers on a budget. Where the bike lacks in cost-cutting measures such as the plastic parts and modest battery size, it makes up for in just about every other aspect. 

If you’re looking for a simple, flat land city bike, it’s safe to say you don’t have to look any farther than the 26’ Nakto Camel bike. 

As the only complaints lied within the cheapness of the front basket and weak battery fuses when riding strenuous uphill slopes, the Natko Camel is still well worth its cheap price. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this bike to an advanced cyclist, but we would highly recommend it to anybody else, especially those on a budget looking for a full-size bike for light to intermediate use!

Reach out to Cecil’s Cyclery with any and all questions regarding this great bike, we’d love to hear from you! 

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