Kasen Kabbit

Kasen Kabbit

Kasen Kabbit E-Bike Specifications:

Electric System:

Motor: 48V 1000w Baufang
Lithium Battery: 48V 14ah/17.5ah, Samsung cell
PAS: 1:1 intelligent PAS
Charger: AC 100V-240V UL
Charger Time: 4-6 hours
Throttle: Thumb throttle on the left
Display: APT 500C LCD display
Head Light: Yes 


Frame: 6061# Aluminum Alloy
Tires:  Kenda, 20x4.0 inch
Wheel Rim: Black with holes, alloy, double wall
Spokes: 13G/12G
Front Fork: MOZO Hydraulic Suspension 100mm
Front Brake: Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brake. Power off when brake.
Rear Brake: Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brake. Power off when brake.
Brake Lever:  Tektro E350 hydraulic disc brake. Power off when brake.
Speed Gears: 7 Speed Shimano
Handle Bar: Steel


Speed: 25-48 km/h
Range: 25-50 miles per charge
Max Load: 280 lbs
Weight: 62 lbs
Package Weight: 62 lbs
Capacity: 75 pcs/20ft, 162 pcs.40GP

Our Review

As a company, we commit ourselves to giving our customers only the best selection of electric bikes that exist on the market. We are constantly adding new bikes, models, and brands to our storefront in the hopes that every customer will find the perfect bike for their needs and preferences. In doing so, we’ve brought on a brand new bike  and it's giving our previous bikes a bit of a run for their money -- the Kasen Kabbit Classic Fat-Tire E-Bike. 


The Kasen Kabbit is from Kasen Electric Bike Company based in Chino, California. In working with them, we were able to tell that they are passionate about the design and creation of top quality electric bikes. Not only that but their bikes are  designed to be sleek, elegant, and smooth at the fraction of the price you would normally expect out of eBikes of our quality. They’ve researched what eBike riders really value and want out of their electric bike riding experience and put those preferences into each one of the bicycles. And the Kasen Kabbit model is a perfect example of that mission. 


Off the bat, the Kasen Kabbit Fat Tire eBike is an all around class act for a great competitive price with other bikes of its caliber on the market right now. When describing this bike, a lot of people are drawn to compare it to the Super 73. But after discussing it’s features and capacities with the eBike community and testing the bike out ourselves, we may be swayed to believe the Kabbit has a slight upper hand. 

The most important aspect of any eBike, in our opinion, is how it feels when you’re riding it. If you’re planning on using your bike often, whether that be for fun or for practical transpiortation or for motorized adventure, your comfort should be a priority. Let’s save the bumpy jolty rides for rollercoasters, right? With the Kasen Kabbit, your comfort is ensured due to the company’s rider-first approach. Though the bike is designed to be able to tackle hills and various terrains, that is not to say it wasn’t also made with rider experience in mind. The Kabbit has a cruiser feel, which means there is lots of legroom for even the taller of riders, which is a feature not all multi-terrain bikes offer. And like we mentioned, the Kabbit can be taken off paved roads with ease. Though it is not fully suspended and equipped for too aggressive of off-road journeys, riders can still enjoy rides on fire roads, dirt roads, gravel, sand, hills, and even, steep inclines. 

Though the maximum speed is bound to change depending on the difficulty of the road, the Kabbit has a very impressive speed capacity. On average, the bike’s maximum speed is 20-22mph, regardless of rider size. However, some riders have been able to take their bikes to higher speeds, which has been a consistent overdelivery by Kasen. And since the bike comes equipped impressive pedal assist and seven gears, allowing riders to give their bikes extra help when tackling steeper hills and terrains. Furthermore, while keeping track of your speed and setting, the Kabbit is home to a beautifully dynamic digital display with all the information you will need for a safe and expeditious adventure! 

Not only is the Kabbit fun to ride, but its also an ease to own and take care of. If you use your bike enough, there’s always the possibility of needing to make adjustments, repairs, or upgrades to your bike. Though the standard dirt fat tires of the Kabbit are replaceable, they are such great tires, you may never need to. But if you do, the tires are quick release tires, meaning they can easily be popped off, making bike maintenance and repair an easy task instead of a worrisome chore. 

The combination of the bikes features, electric system, capabilities, and overall comfort, the Kasen Kabbit is a strong competitor to the other bikes in its category and price. With the Kabbit, we can guarantee you will feel weightless and unstoppable while on your ebike adventures and trips! There is no rider unfit for the Kabbit and seemingly no downsides to calling a Kabbit your own. If you’re looking for a bike that is dependable and road inclusive but also fun and free-spirited, this is the eBike for you!

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