How To Build A Balboa E-Cruise Electric Bike

How To Build A Balboa E-Cruise Electric Bike


  1. Unload the boxOne of the easiest ways I found to do this is to remove the battery from the box, stand the bike up, grabbing the goose neck and pull the bike straight out.

  2. Gently remove all zip ties and styrofoam. Once the bike is out of the box, you’ll need to take some cable snips and cut where the front tire and the handlebars are attached. Once we clear the cable tags we start removing the padding. Most importantly we need to remove the front fork padding because that’s gonna be the first thing we do here.

  3. Attach the front wheelThe first thing we need to do is attach the front wheel by removing the protective cap and nuts. Backing these off almost to the very end, and pulling all the washers to the outside, preparing it to land on the forks. What we’re gonna do is rotate the forks and the handlebars around so that it’s in the right direction with the disc brake, lining up with the brake. We’re going to extend it making sure the washers are on the outside of the nut, line it up with the disc brake and boom. There is the front wheel in. You will finger-tight these. At this time once we have the front wheel attached, we come back and use the kickstand.

  4. Unload the charger, pedals, and tool kitThen we’ll open our box. Inside will have a battery charger and some tools and the pedals. There’s our pedals, tool kit, and battery charger.

  5. Attach the handlebarsNow that we have the flat tire on, we’ll take off the clamp for the handlebars. Now to attach the handlebars we need to make sure that all the cables and the light run on the left side of the bike which is the side where the brake cable is. We don’t want to put any stress on the brake cable. With this clamp make sure that there’s equal distance on the top and the bottom of the spacing. We wanna make sure that the bar is at seating level.

  6. Attach the lightNext we will go to attach the light. Pulling the pre existing screw out.

  7. Attach the pedalsNext step we’re gonna go to the pedals, there’s an engraving on the inside there’s a right and a left pedal. Inside you can see a small engraving. Once it’s on we take our 15 millimeter wrench and secure the pedal firmly under the bike. Now that our pedals are one we are ready to open up the control panel and turn the bike on.

  8. Activate the control panel. To activate the light, you hit the power button for one second and then the lights will activate. Front and rear. Within this, is our battery indicator, speedometer, speed modes and our pedal assist controls. 

  9. Using the panel and its different settings. What I like to do to start is I hit the set button, hold it down for a few seconds, and you can choose between power, normal or eco-mode. I like to start at  normal, and that will control the acceleration of the bike. If you’re feeling more confident you go to power. Next time push it there, there is our trip-o-meter, there’s our miles per hour, it’s actually kilometers per hour. When you go to the next screen, 26 inch wheel and up here in this indicator it says kilometers per hours versus miles per hour so if you want miles per hour go to number 4 and hit that, hit set again, that’s our 48 volt battery, and that is all the settings that we need to know about throttle control. I'm holding that down to set everything comes back up and the bike is ready to ride

  10. Double check all bolts. Now that our bike is built I like to go through and double check that all of our bolts are tightened. With the same 4 millimeter wrench, I'll go around and make sure the wrack is tightened all the way around.

  11. Removing and reinstalling the battery. This bike comes with a set of keys, the keys are for removal of battery. How that works is, you plug it here, there’s your key and you can pull the battery to take it indoors or another location to charge. It easily reinstalls back in and you remove your key. The key is not used to turn the bike on and off. The on and off is only on the control panel.

  12. Charging the bike. For charging the bike we remove the cap, take this standard connector and insert it in the charger. That’s it you will get a red light while your battery is charging and when it’s completed the light will turn green.


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