How to Build A Driven Playa Thin Tire 500

How to Build A Driven Playa Thin Tire 500

Info: The Driven Thin Tire is a powerhouse, to put it bluntly. This thin tire is known for being a long lasting and reliable bike, giving riders an effortless and comfortable experience. IMPORTANT NOTE: when taking the bike out of the box, the keys are zip-tied to the battery. The ignition is on the same side as the keys. For more information on the Driven Thin Tire - Click Here


  1. Unload the bike from the box.
  2. Remove the plastic, styrofoam, and zip ties from the bike frame.
  3. Remove the plastic axle covers from both sides of the wheels.
  4. Remove the protective rod from the front forks.
  5. Remove the plastic caliper guard from the front brake caliper.
  6. Install the wheel with the brake rotor on the same side as the caliper. Line up and insert the hooks by the axle nuts with the holes on the front forks.
  7. Use a 15 mm wrench to tighten the nuts into place.
  8. Insert the handlebars into the frame. Tighten using the largest provided Allen key.
  9. After adjusting handlebars to the preferred height, tighten the bolts on the faceplate.
  10. Remove the nut and bolt from the top of the front fork to install the fender and light.
  11. Align the light and fender holes with the fork hole. The light should be on the outside, and the fender should be between the light and front fork.
  12. Insert bolt and tighten the nut on the bolt.
  13. Connect the rear part of the fender to the bike by using the bolts provided in the frame.
  14. Plug the light in with the teeth side facing backwards.
  15. Insert seat post and tighten latch to keep seat in place.
  16. Attach and tighten pedals.
  17. Pump up the tires, keeping it between 40 - 60 PSI.


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