How To Build A Cecil’s Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

How To Build A Cecil’s Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

The Cecil's Fat Tire Foldable is our in-house e-bike, and can always be found at our store. However, online customers unfortunately cannot walk out of the store with their Foldable fully built and ready to go; they receive it in the mail unassembled. Of course, there is always the option to take it to a local bike store for assembly. But if you follow these simple instructions, you will be able to build your new e-bike by yourself as well as save yourself some money.

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Info: 2 keys will be provided on the side of the tire. The key slot is located on the battery


Assembly Steps:

  • Unload the box. All components needed for the bike assembly will be in the box
  • Unload the charger, seat, pedals, and tool kit. Set these aside for now. 
  • Gently remove all zip ties and styrofoam. Using a pair of scissors or cable cutters, carefully clip each of the zip ties and remove the styrofoam covers. Be careful not to scratch the paint while cutting.
  • Unfold and clamp the bike together using the black clamp. The bike will arrive folded in the box. To complete the build, unfold the bike, and lock the halves together with the black clamp. This will ensure the bike is sturdy and does not fold up during the build.
  • Clamp the handlebar stem together. The handlebar stem will be folded over to the side. Unfold it and clamp it together. The stem will be completely straight after this is done.
  • Using the Allen keys, tighten the handlebar stem. There is a bolt underneath the stem that will be tightened with the included Allen key. After that, swing the handlebar over the bolt and use the clamp to hold it in place. On the other side of the clamp, there are two more bolts that will ensure the clamp does not come undone.
  • Match the green wires and connect them to each other. Connect the green wire from the handlebar to the green wire which comes out of the body frame. This will connect the handlebar functions to the battery, such as the throttle and brakes.
  • Attach the pedals. Stick the pedals in the threaded holes of the crank arm. Briefly hand tighten it so it sits in place, and then use the included wrench to completely tighten both pedals into place.
  • Install the seat post and tighten the clamp. Insert the seat post into the bike. Once it is at the desired height, close the clamp to keep the seat in place.
  • Inflate tires to 20 PSI (max). For the best ride possible, keep it as close to the recommended pressure as possible. Be sure to regularly check to make sure the air levels are not too low.
  • Power up! Turn on the battery and hold down the power button to turn the screen on. This will allow you to see things like your speed or assist level while you ride. 

    Charging the Battery:

    After all of that riding, it’s time to recharge the battery for your next cruise. Here is how to do that.

  • Turn the key to the left. This turns off the power to the battery so you can recharge it.
  • Lift up the seat. Using a lever underneath the seat, fold the seat forward, opening up a pathway for the battery.
  • Pull out the battery. The batter has a handle that will make it easy for you to slide it out of the frame. The charging port is located on the right side of the battery, and can be plugged in.
  • Put the battery back. Once charging has finished, slide the battery back underneath the seat and into the frame.
  • Turn the battery on. Turn the battery on by pushing and holding down the button for three seconds to ensure that it has recharged.

    Folding the Bike:

    If you are going to take the bike somewhere, chances are you will need to fit it in your trunk. Cecil’s makes it easier for drivers without pickup trucks by allowing you to fold your e-bike in half, making it easier to transport.

    See video here on how to fold an electric bike 

  • Undo the clamps. Unclamp the clamps on the handlebars to bring down the stem and collapse it.
  • Fold the pedals. By pressing the pedals, you will be able to fold it inwards to save space.
  • Fold the frame. The black clamp in the middle of the frame can be unlatched, allowing you to fold the bike frame completely. 

    Now you can fit this bike in your car and take it everywhere!


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