How to Build A Blue Jay Premier Edition

How to Build A Blue Jay Premier Edition

How To Build A Blue Jay Premier Edition

The BlueJay Premier is the e-bike which combines the stylishness of a cruiser bike with a comfortable ride powered by an electric motor. It’s great for taking to the beach. But if you’re not local to Orange County, chances are you will be receiving your BlueJay in the mail, unassembled. While daunting at first, following these simple instructions will allow you to assemble your new ride with ease.


Info: All required parts and tools will be located in the small parts box. The charging port is on the side of the battery. BTW take a look at our review on the Blue Jay Electric Bike - click here


  • Unload the box. To start, remove the unassembled bicycle from the box. All components needed to assemble the bike will be in the box.
  • Remove all plastic, zip ties, and styrofoam. To protect the bike during shipping, parts of the frame will be protected by styrofoam coverings and held together by zip ties. Using scissors or a wire cutter, carefully clip the zip ties, and discard the styrofoam and plastic. Be careful not to scratch the bike while cutting.
  • Remove the key bag from the rear wheel. A small bag containing the keys to the bag will be attached to the rear wheel. Remove the bag and set aside.
  • Attach the rotor to the wheel. The BlueJay comes with disc brakes for quick stopping. Using the included screws, attach the disc brake rotor to the wheel. 
  • Remove styrofoam from the front fork. Using the same preferred method from earlier, remove the packaging material from the front fork, so it is prepared for the wheel to slide in.
  • Rotate the fork so that both the legs and mount faces forward. Prior to assembly, the fork will be facing backwards. Rotate the frame 180 degrees to ensure that all components are facing the right direction.
  • Attach the wheel to the frame and tighten. Put the axle through the slots at the end of the fork. The fork slots will be outside of the wheel spokes and on one side, inside of the quick release lever and screw. Tighten the screw and close the lever to hold the wheel in place.
  • Remove the handlebar faceplate. Using the Allen key, remove the faceplate from the handlebar mounting stem.
  • Attach the handlebar to the mount. Put the handlebar on the mounting stem, ensuring that it is centered, with the brakes handles facing forward. Tighten the faceplate back on in a cross-pattern.
  • Attach the pedals. This will be located in the small parts box. It is recommended to use the wrench to tighten the pedal onto each side.
  • Attach the seat. This will also be located in the small parts box. Simply put it in the seat post and tighten it.
  • Attach the fender to the front wheel. The screws needed for this will be located in the small parts box. 
  • Attach the battery to the bike. Slide the battery into the mount located on the downtube.
  • Put keys in the battery. The key slot is on the side of the battery.
  • Tighten the steering mount. Using an Allen key, tighten the handlebar mounting stem.
  • Attach the light. The place to screw it into place will be located on the side of the front fork.
  • Inflate. Last but not least, inflate the tires within the range of 30 - 55 PSI.

    Your bike is now ready to cruise the beaches!! For electric bike reviews, build tutorials, and more, check out our YouTube CLICK HERE


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