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Electric Bike Company Review (Model X and comparisons)

There’s a new kid on the block and its name is the Electric Bike Company -- and let me tell you, the kid is cool! We here at Cecil’s Cyclery are excited to review and support a fellow Newport Beach electric bike company. So, hang on tight for a thorough, yet unbiased, review of our neighbor and their rad bikes, particularly, their Model X ebike. 

The Electric Bike Company is a dynamic company that prides itself on making the best American custom built electric cruiser in the world and they commit to this by using high quality global materials and parts, local bike builders, and reliable inspections and bike tests in factory. And once all that is complete, they’ll deliver it to your doorstep fully assembled. I mean, you just can’t beat that!

As a small company ourselves, we always encourage buying local, but in this case, the Electric Bike Company is a local company that has become global. The brand is built entirely in Newport Beach, California and therefore, functions on a factory to consumer business model that allows customers to purchase bikes made to order and fully customizable without the inflated prices of imported e-bikes. 

And though the EBC is considered one of the best, the founder of the company, Sean Lupton-Smith, made it clear that his passion, first and foremost, was to make bikes for everyone, not just the best of the best. In short, the company is truly passionate about bikes and biking, wanting to make biking more universal and accessible to all. This mission statement was rooted in Sean’s realization of the hindrances that non-cyclists face and therefore, he and his team committed themselves to creating electric cruisers focused on helping the  99% of the population who currently don’t cycle, giving them all the freedom, fun, and benefits of riding. 

In addition to making ebikes nondiscriminatory, the EBC also makes sure their bikes are the safest and most technologically-sound e-bike and battery on the market. They do this by investing into premium battery company, Turn-Life, who produces a plethora of batteries for a plethora of vehicles, land and sea. This is a unique and beneficial feature of the EBC electric bikes because the two companies work side by side to ensure that each ebike battery includes two temperature sensors relaying warning to the Smart Battery Management System that prevents battery burn out, and is personally inspected by Turn-Life engineers cell by cell to ensure maximum safety and quality. On top of this thorough installation, the EBC promises every bike to a 5 year battery warranty, as well as a 10 year warranty on the motor and frame of their bikes. 

Now that we have discussed the company and its values in itself, let’s get into the bikes themselves to help you decide which bike is best for you. Our primary focus is on the Model X EBC electric bike, but it is equally important to note the difference between the aforementioned and other models such as the M and S models. 

The Model X electric bike is a classic style electric cruiser that has been awarded top rated E-Cruiser in the US by the Electric Bike Review for the past three years and counting. The following should help you understand why. 

First off, like all of EBC’s other models, the Model X is fully customizable in 24 custom colors and add-on accessories, parts, and features. But on its own, as is, the bike is a force! 

To start, the bike features battery integrated lights, which is a great feature aside from the fact that the headlight doesn't point where you steer as it is instead, mounted on the frame. This could potentially be an issue in the case of turning on dark corners, but nonetheless, it’s a great, powerful light. Furthermore in the realm of safety and visibility, the bike comes with small 3 LED battery integrated lights in the rear as well as  Schwalbe 26” x 3.5” Fat Frank tires with both reflective sidewalls and puncture protection. These tires are a bit fatter than average, offering stability and comfort and will keep you safe, confident, and visible in any lighting. 

Speaking of battery integration, the cruiser is powered by a 48v 11.6ah mid-mounted battery. Pulling from customer reviews, the battery on Model X is more preferred than the battery on other bikes such as the Model Y, and this is because the battery belonging to Model X keeps the weight nice and center. Another cool aspect about the battery is that it is completely removable with an LED charge level readout on it and an ON/OFF switch. 

The battery puts in work not only to get you around town, but also to power the detailed digital display panel of the EBC cruiser. The panel is large, easy to view and navigate via a remote button pad, and has an integrated USB port for charging and/or bluetooth connection for your device. 

Moving on to other features, Model X includes a very smooth and responsive 12 magnet sensor that is sealed in itself so that debris doesn’t get trapped inside, creating potential damage in the electric system. THis is an example of how detail oriented the Electric Bike Company is, as not all brands are this aware of the little things that make a bike safe, sustainable, and long-lasting. Another high quality feature of the Model X is a set of Tektro Auriga brakes, large 180mm rotors hydraulic brakes with dual piston calipers. The brakes function with full 4 finger levers with ball ends, which is a safety and comfort cue taken from motorcyclists, which makes braking more consistent and easy to pull for all ranges of riders’ hand strength. Furthermore, both levers have motor inhibitors that instantly cut power to the drive system when activated. It’s the right choice, and adds to the sense of control and durability.

Despite all the praise, the Model X bikes do fall short in the storage component as they do not come equipped with a rear rack or front basket. However, you can always add either or both for not too extreme of a price. Another important absence to note is the absence of gears. The Model X is a single-speed electric bike with an 18 tooth sprocket and 56 tooth chainring up front. However, on the positive side of this, with only one gear, the chain stays on tight, on track, with less grease, chain slap, noise, and weight. 

The single-speed shouldn’t inhibit your experience drastically nonetheless, as the motor on the bike gives you a great speed. The Model X comes with a planetary geared hub motor rated at 500 watt nominal and 1,000 watt peak, which is a bit different than the Model C and S to keep cost down. On those, you have a 28mph top speed, whereas with the Model X, you get a top speed of 20mph. Furthermore, this uses a 20amp controller vs the 26amp on the higher end models.

How it compares to other models: 

Now that we understand the pros and cons of the Model X, let’s decide whether this model is fit for your needs with a brief comparison of the Model X to Models S and M, just to be thorough! 

If you are looking for a faster and more heavy duty bike, then perhaps the Model S would suit you better than the aforementioned Model X.  Model S is a classic step through style electric bike that though built to the same standards as the X, surpasses it in speed, gear, and weight. The S can be pedaled up to 28 mph with motor support. And since it is geared, the motor is compact and lightweight -- but on the flip side, this does cause more loud zipping noises under full operation.

Furthermore, the Model S surpasses the X in weight and build, coming in at 60.5lbs (without fenders and baskets) due to the fact it comes with a sturdy rear rack, integrated battery charger, longer handlebars, fatter tires, and bigger comfort-oriented saddle and grips. With that being said, if you are in need of a bike with heavy duty lifting power, this model may work better for you than the X. To contrast that, perhaps you’re actually looking for a smaller, simpler, more lightweight bike. In that case, Model M (mini) would most likely suit you better than Model X. The Model M is EBC’s  smaller, classic style electric cruiser, built with 24″ wheels. This bike is more suitable for smaller riders and an easy laid back ride.


In conclusion:

At the end of the day, whichever bike you choose to purchase from The Electric Bike Company will be a fantastic choice. The genuine reliability of the brand itself is what really makes the entire purchasing experience so great. 

The EBC is known for its great and direct customer service, as the founder is known to be easily contacted for support, questions, concerns, and more. It almost always feels personal rather than transactionally, because the founders and team at EBC truly care about the bikes they make and the people they make them for. 

You can also contact us or visit our store for more information on all of the aforementioned bikes in this review! We look forward to helping you! 

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