Driven Fat Tire

Driven Fat Tire

Fat Tire by Driven Electric Bike features (Newport Beach, CA)

Motor: 750 Watt Bafang high torque gear motor

Battery: 54 V and 21 Ah Samsung Cell Battery

Range: 70 Miles

Charging Time: 4-5 Hrs

Brake: Front/Rear 203 mm brakes

Tire: 30”

Lights: Front and Rear Lights

Functions: 5-Level Pedal-Assist and Throttle Control

Cecil's Cyclery Review: Driven Fat Tire

To say it simply and to the point, the Driven fat tire bike is one of the best electric fat tire bikes on the market. The Driven fat tire is sleek, fast, comfortable, and reliable for the following reasons…

The e-bike comes equipped with front and rear lights powered by on board battery, the bike’s battery being a Samsung Cell Li-ion Battery 54V Fully Charged 15.6Ah; and this battery comes with a  54.6 volt charger that takes 4-5 hours to charge. Additionally, you can go up to 40 miles with a full battery at level 1, though the bike’s full potential speed is 35 mph. 

Another noteworthy upside of the bike is its ability to ride smoothly on multiple terrains, including sand, making it the perfect mode of transportation to get to and from the beach for surfing or other beach activities. Furthermore, the bike has no issue going uphill. Because this bike has a 750 watt motor, it can essentially get you up any hill you wish to climb. Contributing to this will power is the fact that the bike has 25% more energy than any standard electric bike as well 7 Speed Shimano gears that similarly helps tackle those uphill climbs. 

To top off the electric bike experience, the Driven fat tire also comes with an easily accessible 5 level scale that includes current speed, max speed, odometer,trip, and USB port, hydroformed aluminum frame, offering a lighter weight platform, a rear rack, and fender that is standard on every bike. 

The only downside we here at Cecil’s Cyclery can come up with is that the bike is extremely heavy making it a bit difficult to transport and store. But nonetheless, this is an incredible bike with a great, smooth ride, which is why it’s grown to become a fan favorite for the locals of Newport Beach. Similarly, our team here at Cecil’s loves picking this bike to ride down to the beach, avoiding traffic by riding it out on the sand. 

Overall, we recommend this bike and hope this information could help you out when deciding to make this purchase. 

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