Driven Dockside Folding Fat Tire Review

Driven Dockside Folding Fat Tire Review

Driven Dockside Folding Fat Tire Specifications:


BATTERY: 54Volt Fully Charged 13 Ah (624Wh) Samsung Cell Li-ion Battery

RANGE: Estimated 30 - 40 miles with PAS Level 1

CHARGER: 54 Volt 2 Amp Smart Charger, works under 110V ~ 240V


CONTROLLER: 20 Amp Intelligent Controller

DISPLAY: Advanced Color LCD with 5 PAS Levels, Current Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip, and USB port

MOTOR: Bafang 500W High Torque Motor, Peak Output 800W


LIGHTS: Front and Rear


THROTTLE: Half Twist on Right Hand

WIRE HARNESS: Water-Proof Quick Connector


Weight 56 LBS Weight Limit 275 LBS

7 Speed Shimano stainless gears

Aluminum Frame offers lighter weight bike

Ride stability of 4 inch tires

Easy to use LCD



Our Review:

The Driven Dockside 500 is known for its comfort and smoothness in conjunction with its power. Because of its 4-inch wide fat tires, riders can expect a soft and easy ride on multiple types of terrains. If comfort is a must-have on your list of ebike needs, look no further!

First things first, the Driven Dockside ebike is a beautiful sight. It’s sleek frame and shiny paint make for an ebike that everybody will be looking at when you’re riding around in style. Not only does it look nice, but it feels amazing to ride. Because of its aluminum frame, the bike is as lightweight as possible, making it easy to maneuver and transport. Adding to that ease, is the fact that the bike itself is foldable. This feature makes the bike perfect for travel and storage. So, if you’re somebody who plans to take your bike on trips with you or you have minimal space to store it during its off-time, this bike will make both of those important needs a piece of cake.

Moving on to some of the bike’s great features, the Driven is equipped with an incredible display system that is well beyond its price point. The display, LCD 8h, provides riders with a clear presentation of information such as battery voltage, set trip distance, and time. The technology of the screen makes it very simple to reprogram or change the settings. Furthermore, the display comes with a USB port to plug your phone or device into the bike. This great of a display is very rare to find on an ebike within the Dockside’s price point, making it quite the steal! Adding to the list of things that make the ebike a better bang for your buck, are the headlight, tail light, and rear rack that comes with it. Usually, these features are the ones riders typically like to add to a purchase as not all ebikes come with them. But with the Driven Dockside Fold Up, these useful and arguably necessary accessories are included with every bike.

But perhaps the most important part of the Dockside is how it rides. This bike is particularly great because it has 25% more energy than a standard ebike, which is impressive but should not distract from the fact that even without the battery energy, the bike rides effortlessly on it own, giving riders a lot of room to pedal or not. When using the power, the bike is powered by a 500w high torque Bufang motor, which is quite the thrill on a fat tire ebike. With this motor system, bikes and hills, throttle only, are not a problem as the bike is known for going over 750W on the display screen. This means that the ebike actually over delivers, so you’re really getting a 750W ebike, which is better than most fat tires on the market have to offer.

Furthermore, with this motor and battery, riders can expect to get up to 50 miles if in pedal assist one, and anything more, between 20-40 miles. This is a decent mile range for the price, but given most ebike riders are not looking to go extreme distances with it, this typically is not an issue.

And with the 7 speed Shimano stainless gears, within those miles riders will be able to tackle most hills and slopes!

The only minor downside the Driven Dockside comes with is within its brakes. The brakes and brake levers on this bike are generic, but certainly hold their weight and are safe and effective. However, the issue lies to some on the placement of the brake levers -- for riders in the US, the brake levers will be reversed to what we are used to in the states. The bright side is that one, it's not very hard to get used to, and two, it's also not very hard to swap and switch over to the side we are most acquainted with. To reiterate simply, there is no issue with the actual quality of the brakes, the brakes are just reversely placed on the bike to an American standard.

Overall, the Driven Dockside Foldable Fat Tire is an awesome bike fit for a casual cruise or more, such as hills and bumpy terrains. Whichever way you choose to ride it, you’re guaranteed a comfortable smooth ride. We know you’re going to love this bike!

Please make us aware of any questions or concerns you may have about this bike or any other bike on the market, our knowledgeable staff would love to be of service!

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