5 Best Electric Bike Tours in Southern California

5 Best Electric Bike Tours in Southern California

Usually, when picking a travel destination, you consider all the things you want to do and see  and in some cases, all the things you want to see while you do. Sometimes it isn’t enough to just sit back and look at the view, which is why a lot of travelers opt for sightseeing activities that really make them feel immersed in their new environment. 

If that sounds anything like your style of travel, then Southern California is the place for you!

Southern California is known for its exquisite beaches and endless hills & mountains, all under our notorious Cali sunshine. With the grandiose scale of SoCal and the scenery it has to offer, it’s hard to visit without wanting to be outdoors soaking it all up at once. So, don’t stay indoors when visiting. Instead, wiggle your arms and shake your legs out for an activity that allows you to see while doing and relax while moving — electric biking! 

Electric biking has grown immensely in popularity over the past year, partially due to the emergence of Covid 19 and social distancing protocol. People everywhere have been fiending for an activity they can participate in that is all fun, destressing, social, and fresh at the same time — and they’ve found that electric biking  along the beach or on a trail is a simple and exciting solution. 

With that being said, part of the fun of taking an electric bike out for a cruise is the view and destinations. Anybody can take a bike out for a spin, but not everybody can take a bike out for an unforgettable journey. And the best way to make your electric biking experience a five star experience is going on an electric bike tour, led by trusted locals, and paved with wondrous stops for your viewing, learning, and enjoyment. Figure out the best electric bike for you to ride on your tour.

We’ve taken the time to procure a list of our favorite electric bike tours in Southern California and hope you get to experience them someday for yourself. From Santa Barbara to Newport Beach to San Diego, we’ve got your bike tours covered! Read below for more information! 

  1. Santa Barbara Electric Bike Tour from Cal Coast Adventures 

Starting from the top and working our way down, Santa Barabara is California’s peaceful gem. In the sleepy town of Santa Barbara, visitors can expect to experience a laid back, but historically rich trip full of cool ocean breezes, incredible eats, and welcoming locals. 

And to fully appreciate the splendor of this gentle town, it is imperative that you book an electric bike tour with Cal Coast Adventures. The company offers both private and group tours for riders of all abilities and sightseeing checklists, taking you through the best bike routes, historical landmarks, and viewpoints of Santa Barbara! 

With both the private tour, lasting 2 – 3 hours, and the group tour, lasting 2-2.5 hours, riders must be 4-10 years of age and up due to bike size availability. During the tour, you will be riding Electra and Specialized pedal assist E-Bikes that have customizable pedal assist settings to allow riders of all abilities and fitness levels to participate! 

As for the content of the tour, the site stops may include Butterfly Beach, The Santa Barbara Mission, the Arlington Theatre, the Granada, the Santa Barbara Courthouse, Stearns Wharf, and the Waterfront. However, the route is more customizable when on a private tour. 

Visit the links below to learn more about the tours offered by Cal Coast Adventures! 

  1. Cinematastic! Movie History Tour from Pedego Electric Bikes

In the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, located closely to Malibu, Pedego Electric Bikes offers an electric bike tour that suits cyclists, tourists, and movie-junkies alike! On the Cinematastic! Movie History tour, riders will be able to not only cruise through gorgeous foliage, but also, make a few iconic stops along the way. 

The Cinematastic tour is a guided tour that lasts for a total of 3 hours, with the requirement that riders are at least 12 years of age or accompanied by an adult above 18 years of age. During the tour, riders will explore some of cinema’s most iconic scenes, seeing firsthand the rich and dynamic movie and television filming history of the region. But it doesn’t stop there! The tour also includes a walk through the Paramount Ranch Western Town movie set, home to the cast of WestWorld, most recently, and stops at Malibou Lake and the Cornell Winery. 

We highly recommend this tour for anybody looking to get a great well rounded electric biking experience as you are able to ride, learn, and experience some of California’s coolest film & tv locations! 

  1. Santa Monica & Venice Beach from Pedal or Not

Next up is a tour that takes place not too far from the aforementioned tour on the stunning beaches of Santa Monica and Venice. The Santa Monica strip that shortly becomes the infamous Venice Beach boardwalk is a staple when visiting Southern California. From shopping ventures to street performers to the sandy beaches full of all walks of life, these beaches are a must see! And with the LA Electric Bike Tour from Pedal or Not, located in Santa Monica, you’ll be able to see it all. 

The tour lasts 3 hours, available to riders 13 years of age or older, between 10am and 2pm. Staff at Pedal or Not suggest scheduling a tour during the morning hours for the best experience, though they also recommend the latter end of the afternoon for peak California sunshine. However, whichever time you choose, they promise you a fun, comfortable ride and a friendly tour guide to show you the best of the beach. 

On the tour, you’ll enjoy sun, sand, and ocean breezes as well as sightseeing the place where movie stars hung out and partied in the Golden Days of Hollywood. Furthermore, you’ll get to see the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and its skatepark, art walls, and muscle beach, and to ice the cake, your tour guide will bring you to the legendary Venice Canals! 

This is a particularly great tour for visitors located more so in the heart of LA who are looking for some outdoor fun and exciting views! For detailed information and a plethora of positive reviews, visit Pedal or Not’s site below to book your next tour! 

  1. Corona Del Mar/Crystal Cove from Cecil’s Cyclery 

Moving down the coast, we now find ourselves in Newport Beach, California, where the tight knit community enjoys a luxurious, yet laid paid, lifestyle full of sun, surf, and outdoor travel. In Newport Beach, biking and outdoor socialization has been the key to quarantine success, partly due to the simply irresistible views, weather, and magnetic beaches. However, Newport Beach has many hotspots, and therefore many opportunities for different touring routes, but we feel as though the most breathtaking of them all is the Corona Del Mar/Crystal Cove tour from Cecil’s Cyclery, a small family business located right on the beach. 

The Corona Del Mar tour is a two hour experience led by a Newport Beach local and is guaranteed to make your jaw drop in awe. Leaving from Balboa Island, your tour guide will take you through beautiful Corona Del Mar along PCH to Crystal Cove. Crystal Cove is listed on the National Register of Historic Places encompassing 12.3 acres along the Southern California coast. It was listed on the National Register not only because of its significance, but also because of the 46 cottages located there which were built in the 1920s and 1930s. The historic district features a Ruby’s Shake Shack and the Beachcomber Cafe. 

So, if you’re looking for a show stopping view of one of California’s most elite beaches, this is the tour for you! However, if this tour doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fret because Cecil’s Cyclery also offers other tours which may be more suitable to your goals and interests! Visit the link below for more information on not only the Corona Del Mar tour, but also the other two amazing options offered at Cecil’s Cyclery.  Check out our Wedge to Huntington Beach Tour Video Here!

  1. La Jolla and Mount Soledad from San Diego Fly Rides

Last but not least, we find ourselves in San Diego, California, home to luxury beaches, busting downtown nightlife, and endless ocean views. Though there are many different parts of San Diego worth visiting, they call the city of La Jolla “the Jewel by the Sea,” due its community being so beautiful, chic, and posh! Some even say it’s the perfect mix of the French Riviera and Beverly Hills.

San Diego Fly Rides offers an incredible 2.5 hour scenic electric bike tour of all the wonders of La Jolla and we cannot recommend it enough. (Side note: this tour is that’s catered more so to older riders, experienced and inexperienced, the minimum age to ride being 15 years old) On this tour, riders will pedal (or not) to the sun-soaked peak of Mount Soledad, San Diego’s highest coastal point which has a jaw-dropping 360 degree view of all of San Diego all the way down to Mexico. Riders will also get to see the Mount Soledad Memorial. And if that isn’t enough sightseeing for one day, the tour also includes the upscale village of La Jolla, decadent in luxury homes and cars, all the way down to La Jolla Cove where riders can not only see the shimmering waters, but also the entertaining and heartwarming wildlife. The cove is home to some of California’s quirkiest wildlife, the sea lion and harbor seal, and on the tour you’ll be able to see them waddling and swimming about. What a treat! 

So, if you like beautiful waves and people, luxury homes and shopping strips, and watching baby seals learn how to swim, this La Jolla tour is perfect for you! And make sure to bring a camera! 

Visit the link below for more information and tour booking! 

All in all, no matter which part of SoCal you visit, you are bound to find an incredibly satisfying electric bike tour experience. These are just a few of our favorite ones! For more information on bike tours or electric bikes in general, contact us at Cecil’s Cyclery! We’re ready to help! See all bikes available to rent at Cecil's Cyclery Here!

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